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Raspberry Pi – Prototyping Hero, Production Headache?

The Raspberry Pi’s affordability and user-friendly Linux environment make it a popular choice for embedded systems. But is it truly the best fit for every project, especially when it comes to professional products and production environments? Raspberry Pi: A Rapid Prototyping Powerhouse There’s no denying the Raspberry Pi’s prowess in rapid prototyping. Its ease of […]

Dev Idea: Introducing the Dream Logger

Dream Logger

Let’s face it, developers spend a lot of time deciphering cryptic messages. Between nonsensical error codes and indecipherable comments from past colleagues, it’s enough to make you long for the days of learning Pig Latin in elementary school. But fear not, weary coder! Because unlike your actual dreams, this one is about to become a […]

Book Review – Applied Embedded Electronics: Design Essentials for Robust Systems

Applied Embedded Electronics

Looking for a comprehensive guide to embedded electronics design, without getting bogged down in complex formulas? Then “Applied Embedded Electronics: Design Essentials for Robust Systems” might be the perfect book for you. This hefty tome, clocking in at around 600 pages, acts as a one-stop shop for anyone looking to build their knowledge of embedded […]

Cukinia: Powerful Simplicity for Linux Embedded Firmware Testing

Cukinia logo

For developers working on Linux-based embedded firmware, ensuring code quality and system reliability is crucial. Cukinia emerges as a valuable tool in this process, offering a simple yet powerful framework for running basic system-level validation tests directly on the target system, eliminating the need for a separate test bench. What is Cukinia used for? Cukinia […]

Unveiling the Inner Workings: How Construction Analysis Empowers Your Tech Strategy

Exploded view of an electronic device

In today’s fiercely competitive tech landscape, understanding the intricate details of electronic devices is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Construction analysis offers a powerful tool to not only gain a competitive edge but also diagnose and resolve critical issues within your own products. What is Construction Analysis? Construction analysis provides a comprehensive understanding […]

How To Specify Your Custom BSP

Board Support Package part 3

We previously established that a CPU vendor’s BSP (Board Support Package) provides a solid foundation for your embedded project. With BSP customization now hopefully solidified as a requirement, let’s delve into the key question: what elements are crucial to include, and conversely, what can and must be excluded? Here is a step-by-step process that may […]

Adding a Touch Interface to an IoT Gateway

Idea lamp

In a recent News Release, Dusun IoT have introduced their new DSGW-130 Smart Touchscreen IoT Gateway. This elegant piece of engineering does everything you would expect from a smart IoT gateway, plus it has a touch surface that allows the user to interact with it. This is a neat feature that many other IoT gateways […]

Why You Should Customize Your Embedded System’s BSP

Board Support Package part 2

As an embedded systems developer, you’re often faced with the decision of whether to use the BSP (Board Support Package) provided by your CPU manufacturer or to customize one yourself. While the manufacturer’s BSP may seem like the easier option, there are many compelling reasons to customize your BSP. Here are a few. This is […]

Diving into the World of System-on-Modules: Form Factors and Feature Feast

Dusun IoT DSOM-010R SoM

System-on-Modules (SoMs) are the tiny workhorses of the embedded systems world. These compact, pre-built packages integrate core processing components like processors, memory, and communication interfaces onto a single board. But within this seemingly simple concept lies a world of variety, particularly in terms of form factors and the features they can pack. Let’s delve into […]

Board Support Package: What It Is And Why You Should Use It

Board Support PAckage part 1

While originally BSPs were just sets of low-level routines specific to a board’s hardware, their scope has broadened significantly. Today, a well-developed BSP offers a comprehensive suite of features beyond basic hardware interaction: it helps structure the entire application, deploy cybersecurity strategies, and even facilitates teamwork. This is the first article of the BSP series. […]