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A System-on-Module – or SoM – is a complete computing system integrating processor cores, memories and I/O in a miniaturized form factor. It is typically added to a carrier board using a high-density connector, or by direct PCB report.

In addition to miniaturization, SoMs offer other benefits such as reduced development time, reduced risk, pre-certification, and extensive software support.

Embedded Expertise is a value-added reseller of Dusun IoT System-on-Modules featuring CPUs from the finest silicon vendors.

Quick links to Dusun IoT System-on-Modules:

Dusun IoT SoM - Rockchip series

Dusun IoT DSOM-010R SoM
Dusun IoT DSOM-020R SoM
Dusun IoT DSOM-050 SoM
Dusun IoT DSOM-110R SoM

Dusun IoT SoM - NXP series

Dusun IoT DSOM-060R SoM
Dusun DSOM-070N SoM